Masala Flat Bread / Naan (10 pack)


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Many of you have experienced the goodness of our regular naan bread. Now IndianBlend brings you the mouth-watering Masala Naan (flat bread). This delicious masala flat naan breads are the perfect companion for any traditional Indian meal. Enjoy them with Chicken Tikka, Kabobs, Meat balls, and vegetarian dishes. Make mouth-watering pizzas with these convenient breads by simply spreading sauce, cheese and add yor favorite topping. Or, spread some chutney on the flat breads for a tasty snack! These breads are also wonderful for making Gyros!

Cooking Instructions: For best results, heat flat breads on stove top or in oven.

Storage: For longer shelf life, freeze upon on delivery.

Don’t forget to check out our large chutney selection to accompany your flat breads. Note: Though we ship out freshest bread from our warehouse, there is risk of bread going bad in hot delivery trucks between months of May and September. We are shipping from NYC. There is no guarantee of freshness between these months and no refunds will be issued. Fresh vegetables and breads will be shipped out only on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid sitting in hot trucks over weekends. Please purchase with discretion.


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