Kulcha Naan-10 Naan’s


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Crispy Kulcha flavor Tandoori Naan is a fluffy, traditional Indian flatbread made in stone ovens. When baked in these unique ovens, the breads comes out with an airy, soft and bubbly texture. This variety is made with whole wheat flour that tastes great with your favorite curries or as an everyday bread for things like tandoori pizza and garlic bread. These packs do not require refrigeration until opened. They can also be opened and frozen for long periods. Note: Though we ship out freshest bread from our warehouse, there is risk of bread going bad in hot delivery trucks between months of May and September. We are shipping from NYC. There is no guarantee of freshness between these months and no refunds will be issued. Fresh vegetables and breads will be shipped out only on Mondays and Tuesdays to avoid sitting in hot trucks over weekends. Please purchase with discretion.


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