Fresh Whole Wheat Chapati / Roti (10 pack)


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Enjoy this 10 pack of vacuum sealed chapatis now in WHOLE WHEAT!

These chapatis are Indian breads very similar to tortillas. They are a must with any Indian meal. Complete a chicken, fish, or vegetarian dish with fresh chapati or eat it by itself. From the moment you open these freshly made chapatis, your mouth will water. These chapatis are made from whole wheat flour and maida.

Preparation: Simply heat over the stove on a pan or tawa. Flip the chapati on both sides on the pan for 30-40 seconds and serve hot for best taste.

Storage: For best taste, consume these chapatis within 7-10 days of delivery. Store in the refrigerator or for extended periods, store in the freezer.

NEW Delicious & Healthy Whole Wheat Chapatis!!!


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